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The Farmer's Daughter: Heidi Zwinger

10/12/2020 - Hello, my name is Heidi Zwinger and I am a farmer’s daughter. I grew up on an 80 cow dairy in rural Minnehaha county with my folks and my 2 older sisters. There I learned to care for the animals at a very young age, thinking it was fun to feed the bottle calves instead of thinking of it as work. ... Read More

The Evolution of Custom Silage Choppers by Steve Dick

8/25/2020 - When I was a young boy, it was a major production when the custom silage cutter came to our farm! Brothers Hank and Leonard Anderson and  their crew would come to the farm with their International 826 tractor pulling a Gehl two row silage cutter, a fleet of small trucks, and a silage blower.  It... Read More

Featured Farmer: Tom Van Assalt

8/25/2020 - As summer winds down, South Dakota gardens and farmers markets are overflowing with fresh produce, which also means many of us are busy canning, freezing or pickling so that we can enjoy those fruits and vegetables all year long.  South Dakota beef and dairy producers are gearing up for something ... Read More

Featured Farmer: Steve Rommereim

8/6/2020 - Stepping up to volunteer for county, state and even national agriculture organizations is a great opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of agriculture industry and build friendships and leadership skills.  Getting involved also ensures that your perspective is included in decisions that could... Read More

Covid-19 Affects National Dairy Month

7/14/2020 - COVID-19 pandemic put a stop to nearly all in-person events during National Dairy Month this year, but it didn’t stop South Dakota’s dairy farm families from celebrating and taking time to thank their neighbors and communities during June.  Several dairies partnered with local milk processors ... Read More

July Profile: Ashley Gelderman

7/8/2020 - Ashley Gelderman is a nutritionist who spends her days developing diet plans that meet very specific nutritional needs for her clients at every stage of their lives.  But, instead of humans, Ashley’s clients are pigs.  As a monogastric nutritionist for Standard Nutrition Company, Ashley works... Read More

Featured Farmer: Ferlyn Hofer

6/5/2020 - The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted nearly every aspect of our lives over the past several months, from school and event cancellations, store and workplace closures and limited supplies of food and other products.  We thank the essential workers in every industry who have worked diligently to keep ... Read More

Featured Farmer: Zane Williams

3/8/2020 - FEATURED FARMER:  Livestock Have Been Important for Generations on South Dakota Farm The farm that Zane Williams’ great uncle homesteaded 125 years ago has changed over the years, but there has been one constant: livestock have always been an important part of the farm for each of the four gene... Read More