SD Beef Industry Council Targets Millennials

Posted: 7/18/2012


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PIERRE – (July 18, 2012) Briana Burgers was recently promoted to nutrition assistant and director of on-line communications at the South Dakota Beef Industry Council (SDBIC). Burgers will focus on reaching the millennial generation with information about the importance of including beef into a healthy lifestyle, says SDBIC’s Director of Nutrition & Consumer Information Holly Swee, RD, LN.

            Burgers, a graduate of South Dakota State University with a BS in Food and Nutrition, recently completed her Masters Certificate through Iowa State University Dietetic Internship. “Briana has been SDBIC’s part-time dietetic intern, working as my nutrition assistant since June 2011,” says Swee, who adds that as a millennial (born between 1978 and 1995), Briana is uniquely poised to help reach a consumer audience that is critical to the future of the beef industry.

            “Most individuals in this generation are unfamiliar with our beef product—from how it’s raised to how to create a healthy meal using beef,” says Swee. “If our goal is to reach this audience—one of the largest consumer groups—we need to be actively engaged with them in an effective way that meets their needs.” In addition to helping develop and coordinate nutrition and healthy lifestyle programs, Swee says Briana’s task is to communicate the positive message of beef via SDBIC’s online presence, including social media like Facebook and Twitter.

             Since coming on board last year as an intern, Burgers helped shape and create the new South Dakota Team BEEF program, says Swee. Team BEEF is a program that supports athletes who demonstrate that beef provides “fuel for the finish” by participating in running events across the state. It’s an example of the types of programs we need to consider in reaching this active and health-conscious generation.”

            In addition to assisting Swee with nutrition and healthy lifestyle programs, SDBIC Executive Director Ron Frederick says the council’s directors felt it was important to have Burgers direct online communications for SDBIC. “It’s critical to be able to engage in the online environment with credible, accurate information about beef and the beef industry,” explains Frederick. “Merging expertise in nutrition with an ability to communicate effectively online is a key to reaching our target consumer audience. After all, beef now bears the heart-healthy checkmark of the American Heart Association and we can boast about beef’s 29 lean cuts. It’s a story we’re excited to share with today’s consumers—no matter the age.”




The SDBIC collects and administers the $1 beef checkoff on cattle sold in South Dakota. Checkoff dollars are utilized strictly for promotion, education or research programs. Fifty cents of every dollar is directed to the Cattlemen’s Beef Board for programs on the national level. The SDBIC retains 50 cents, which is invested in additional national programs or in-state programs. 

The SDBIC is comprised of three representatives from eight agricultural organizations:  SD Beef Breeds Council, SD Cattlemen’s Association, SD Cattlemen’s Auxiliary, SD CattleWomen, SD Farm Bureau, SD Farmers Union, SD Livestock Auction Market Association and SD Stockgrowers Association.








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