Farmer's Daughter: Beef Plays a Foundational Role in Nutrition

Posted: 5/13/2021

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I’m Olivia Amundson and I’m the farmer’s daughter. Join me in celebrating Beef Month this May.

Based on my lifestyle, as an avid runner, beef plays a foundational role in my personal nutrition.  Growing up on a cattle farm, I developed a love for not only the animal, but also the protein it provides us.  The same farm I grew up on is where my husband and I raise our three boys today.  Along with protein and amino acids, beef provides multiple nutrients in my diet, such as, iron, B-vitamins, selenium, niacin, and zinc.  These nutrients in beef help me build a strong mind, body and immune system.  These are all important when considering my diet as a runner.

Beef is not only important to me as runner, but also a mother.  Ensuring that I fuel my boys with protein that provides them with energy, physical strength, as well as mental strength, is important as they grow.  Teaching them the importance of nutrition along with physical activity will provide them with a proactive mindset about their health. 

Beef has also provided family time together as we prepare and eat meals as a family.  This has allowed us to build strong relationships that then help promote emotional health, physical health and wellbeing.  Therefore, beef is what’s for dinner in our house!


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