Protecting animals means speaking out, not videotaping abuse

Posted: 5/27/2010

Posted By:  Kelly Wubben 

Recently the extreme animal rights organization, Mercy for Animals released a video showing extreme abuse of dairy cows at a dairy in Ohio.  This has by far been the most horrifying undercover video to date.  I find it absolutely sickening that anyone could treat an animal that way. 

What I find almost as sickening is the fact the person videotaping these cruel acts spent four weeks witnessing this abuse and NEVER reported it to the authorities.  Instead, he decided to keep the camera rolling for publicity for the extreme animal rights group.  There is no way I would defend the abuser, however I think the videographer is just as guilty. 

If I had ever witnessed such violence, I would have immediately reported it so the animal's suffering could stop.  Wouldn't any person thinking logically do the same thing?  These animal rights organizations claim they love, protect and care for animals, however wouldn't protecting and caring for them mean reporting abuse AS SOON AS IT HAPPENS?   

This organization was not only filming abuse for four weeks and not saying anything, they were also building a special website for this "event."  And, after you are finished watching the abuse video on this new website, they made sure you can donate money to their cause.   

Animal rights extremists like those of the Mercy for Animals, PETA and HSUS do not have the animals interest in mind.  Instead they think how they can get publicity and more donations from well meaning individuals who want to stop the abuse.  These animal rights groups are now trying to pass this video off as how all farmers treat their animals, as a way to spread their vegan agenda.

No one in agriculture condones this behavior.  This is a case of a few bad apples, which unfortunately seems to get the most attention.  I truly hope individuals involved are punished severely.    I grew up on a farm, know many farm folks and have been to many dairies, especially over the past year.  Never once have I ever seen any kind of abuse.  Farmers care for their animals and find it impossible to abuse an animal like the way the video shows. 

Now more than ever, it is important for Farmers to tell their story.  If someone has questions about livestock production, make sure to take the time to tell them your story and how livestock are really treated.  Hosting tours and events like open houses on your farm and talking to local clubs are good ways to speak up and show the public how you really treat your livestock.  Do NOT let the "bad apples" tell your story for you.


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