Winning Ag Week Essay - Hamza Ali

Posted: 4/22/2014


By Hamza

Camelot Intermediate School


            What is agriculture? Before this, even I didn’t know everything that agriculture was about. Agriculture has to do with farming, raising farm animals, and raising crops. I thought that agriculture was just about farmers who make the food we eat. But, agriculture is more than that. Agricultural crops can actually be used to make fuel! One of those crops is corn. Animal fats can be used to make biofuels and that helps the environment because it’s not toxic and if there’s less toxins in the air and water, then the Earth is healthier. This can help make global warming go away, too. Crops can also be used for heat and electricity. Examples of those are poplar, willow, straw, and rye grass. Agricultural crops can also be used to make products like make up, fragrances, printing inks, dyes, building materials, and flavorings. Crops like tobacco can also be used for cigarettes which are not healthy and can actually kill you, but selling tobacco makes the economy lots of money. Another big crop is cotton. Cotton is used to make teddy bears and other stuffed animals. It’s also used for the making of clothes-shirts, pants, and dresses. Cotton can also help you sleep better because you could be using cotton pillows to rest your head on. Dollar bills are also made of 75% cotton. There’s cotton in baseballs, too. So, agriculture is not just about food, it’s a part of everyone’s lives and helps make the Earth a better place.


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