March Agvocates

Posted: 4/12/2019

Thank you March Agvocates.jpgThank you to our March Agvocates!
March was filled with many fun events. Despite the winter weather our agvocates participates in a variety of events from Ag Week classroom visits, Livestock Seminar, Ag Day at the Washington Pavilion, our annual Families Feeding Families banquet, and our Sioux Falls Beef Crawl. 

Ag Week Visits: 
Gregg Ode 
Bruce Burkhart 
Annelies Seffrood
Adam Krause 
Gary Jardie
Brad Greenway
Peggy Greenway 
Ray Epp 
Heidi Zwinger 
Greg Moes 
Julie Moes 
Shari Thiewes

Livestock Seminar: 
Tom Nealon
Mandi Anderson
Brian Friedrichsen
Kurt Turner
Dan Boehmer
Brad Hohn
Ty Eschenbaum
Clint Overskei
Mike Jaspers
Bob Gale 

Ag Day: 
Kaelyn Platz 
Katelyn Groetsch 
Rebecka Hoffman 
Calissa Lubben
Sanne De Bruijn 
Brooke Engstrom 

Families Feeding Families Banquet: 
Elenore Dick 
Truman Dick 
Richard Vassgard 
Don Rasmussen
Kyle Huniker 
Kayleigh Koch 
Ty Stender 
Julie Hammer 
Jason Appel 
Rich Albretch
Sydney Becker 
Congressman Dusty Johnson 
Reid Rasmussen 
Maia Kennedy 
Karlye Maras

Sioux Falls Beef Crawl: 
Shirley and David Thompson
Stacey and Troy Hadrick 
Scott and Amanda Stahl 
Tim and Kari Ostrem 
Phil Eggers 


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