Get on the Bus

Posted: 4/26/2011

So … why should I “get on the bus?”

Taking an entire day out of a nonstop summer schedule is a serious commitment.  So, why should a busy mom make the decision to spend a day touring area farms?

The Mom’s Day Out tour is much more than walking through barns and meeting animals (although those baby calves are awful cute … ). At each stop, you will meet the farmer and go straight to the source with any questions you have.  Last year, moms had questions about everything from where animals live and the nutrition content of the food that is produced, to environmental impact and what animals eat.  No question is off limits.

The tours on farms are a great experience to see where food on grocery store shelves begins.  We face hundreds, if not thousands, of decisions each time we walk into a grocery store.  Not only are we looking for healthy food that fits our family’s budget, we’re also overwhelmed by labels on nearly every product in the store.  From “local” to “natural” and “organic” to “hormone free.”  What do they all mean?  Most importantly, do they make a difference in the nutritional value of the food?

In addition to the tours, farmers and representatives of various agricultural organizations will ride along on the bus to answer even more questions about the farms and South Dakota agriculture.

Finally, all tour participants will receive $50 gift certificates for beef or pork purchases. 

Whether it means taking a day off work, or rearranging family schedules, or just letting the laundry pile up for a day … taking the time to learn about how your family’s food is produced is an investment that will pay off well into the future.   Read one mom’s blog entry about her 2010 Mom’s Day Out experience.


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