Kludt Farms Open House

Posted: 8/8/2014


MENNO, SD – South Dakota Farm Families and Bryan and Melissa Kludt, will be hosting an open house at their new hog barn on Monday, August 18th from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.  The free, family-friendly event will provide guests with an opportunity to see first-hand where the pork products they enjoy get their start.  Guests will be served pork loin sandwiches and have the chance to tour the newly built finish barn.


Bryan and Melissa recently finished building their 2400 head finishing barn.  Pigs will enter the building be fed until their final market weight of 280 pounds. This style of building keeps the pigs out of the extreme South Dakota weather, and allows Bryan to keep a close eye on the pig’s health.  The building is climate controlled and completely automated, keeping the pigs comfortable and healthy 365 days a year.


More than 900 South Dakota family raise more than 2.3 million pigs each year. Pork production and hog processing account for a $2.2 Billion impact on South Dakota’s economy. Visit South Dakota Pork Producers Council to learn more about pork production and find great recipes that include pork.


The barn is located just a few miles outside of Menno. From Menno, travel 3 ½ miles South on 431st Ave. The barn will be on the east side of the road. Visit agunited.org, like South Dakota Farm Families on Facebook, or follow @AgUnited4SD on Twitter for more information. 


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