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Posted: 4/23/2015


How Farmers Turn Waste Into Something Useful


The farmers that turn waste into something useful are responsible citizens and save our earth. These farmers use animal and plant waste to fertilize their gardens. These farmers reuse farm supplies so they don’t have to buy new ones. Clever farmers use old farm equipment for new things.

At my aunts blueberry farm in North Carolina many customers return berry cartons which she reuses. She also sells eggs from her chicken farm and many customers return the egg cartons too. She also uses old plant pots for new blueberry plants.

My aunt also turns the plant trimmings into mulch. I know a local sheep farmer. His sheep’s waste is good fertilizer for his garden and other people’s gardens. I also know a local rabbit farmer. She uses the rabbit waste for her garden.

What can you make with a tractor tire? Clever people make many things with tires. I have seen tractor tires made into climbing equipment in parks. I have also seen rubber mulch in parks. My aunt even turned a worn out play set into a goat’s play set for the petting zoo at her farm.

Saving our earth is one of the most important things farmers can do. It’s most important for farmers because they have control over a lot of land. If I grow up to be a farmer I would want to be a good citizen also.


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