Phil Eggers, Adopt A Farmer, December 2016

Posted: 12/5/2016

December Video


Content Questions: Phil told us that his cows have a diet that is balance by a nutritionist to stay healthy. Cows need to have the proper amount of protein, energy, vitamins, and mineral to stay healthy. What are foods that you can eat to stay healthy?


Fourth Grade Standard:  5.5.3  List healthy options to health-related issues or problems.

Teacher Resource: Games videos and activity sheets about staying healthy.

Content Standard & Question: 4.OA operations and algebraic thinking
            For the ration Phil was feeding theh cows he told us the total weight of the ration was 3,000 pounds. He said he was feeding 1,230 pounds of the Baleage, 410 pounds of grass hay, and a Grain Mix. How many pounds of the grain mix does he need to add to get ration of 3,000 pounds.


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