Runner Up Ag Week Essay - Matea Gordon

Posted: 4/23/2014

The Surprising Places I Found Agriculture

By Matea

Sturgis Elementary


When I hear the word agriculture, the first thing that comes to mind is farmers. Farmers grow crops and livestock and we get many products from them. Of course, the food we eat is a big thing we get from farmers, but that’s not all.

            Farmers grow cotton which is used to make clothes. We get leather for shoes, footballs and furniture from the hide of cattle and pigs. Corn can be made into ethanol, but that’s not all.

            When I was looking for more information about agriculture, I was surprised to learn that soaps, candles and my dad’s shaving cream are all made from animal fats. We also get many important medicines from animals parts, but that’s not all.

            The thing that surprised me the most was that when I play the piano agriculture is also there. Piano keys are made from bones, horns and hooves, but that’s not all.

            Everywhere you look you can find agriculture. Farmers are growing things in all 50 states, which really amazing. Even if you aren’t a farmer, agriculture is really important to everybody.


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