Governor Declares May as Beef Month

Posted: 5/7/2012

South Dakota Beef Industry Council News Release       
For Immediate Release
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Ron Frederick, Executive Director
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Holly Swee, RD, LN,
Director of Nutrition & Consumer Information


PIERRE – (May 3, 2012) Governor Dennis Daugaard recently proclaimed this fifth month of 2012 as May Beef Month—a great time to recognize the huge contribution that the beef industry makes to the state of South Dakota.

            In making the proclamation, the executive director of the South Dakota Beef Industry Council (SDBIC) says the governor is honoring cattle producers and all of the allied industries that play a role in bringing beef to the plates of consumers in the state—and worldwide.

            “It is important that South Dakotans recognize the valuable contributions the beef cattle industry makes to our state,” explains Frederick. “This proclamation is a 45-year-old tradition that recognizes one of the state’s most important economic sectors.” In fact, says Frederick, South Dakota’s number one industry, agriculture, has a $21 billion-economic impact on the state’s economy, and the beef industry contributes $2.8 billion to that total—the largest segment.

            “We appreciate the Governor’s recognition of the beef industry and its more than 15,000 cattle producers who not only contribute economically to our state but are good stewards of their land, utilizing environmental practices that will ensure their ranches and farms will be productive for future generations,” says Frederick.


            The SDBIC will be celebrating Beef Month with a number of beef promotion events throughout the month across the state. Frederick also encourages South Dakotans to simply enjoy a beef burger or steak this month as they begin the traditional grilling season. “As you put that ground beef burger or steak on the grill,” says Frederick, “just remember the thousands of producers in our state who are dedicated to producing a safe, nutritious and delicious product.”






The SDBIC collects and administers the $1 beef checkoff on cattle sold in South Dakota. Checkoff dollars are utilized strictly for promotion, education or research programs. Fifty cents of every dollar is directed to the Cattlemen’s Beef Board for programs on the national level. The SDBIC retains 50 cents, which is invested in additional national programs or in-state programs. 


The SDBIC is comprised of three representatives from eight agricultural organizations:  SD Beef Breeds Council, SD Cattlemen’s Association, SD Cattlemen’s Auxiliary, SD CattleWomen, SD Farm Bureau, SD Farmers Union, SD Livestock Auction Market Association and SD Stockgrowers Association.








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