A Traditional Meal

Posted: 12/7/2020

I think instead of calling this time of year the holiday season, we could also call it feast season. We start off with a Thanksgiving feast and round it out with a Christmas feast. Recently the American Farm Bureau completed their annual survey on the cost of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, which showed the average cost of a meal for 10 people coming in at $46.90 or less than $5 per person.

Where else besides America can you buy a feast, from the turkey and stuffing to pumpkin pie and whipped cream, for less than $5 per person? No where. Americans spend approximately 10% of their disposable annual income on food, the lowest average in the world.

The role farmers, agriculturists and food workers play in our everyday lives should not be taken for granted. South Dakota farmers and ranchers work hard everyday to contribute to a safe and affordable food supply.

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