Pheasant Season

Posted: 10/23/2014

The Farmer’s Daughter


Pheasant Season

By: Rebecca Christman


Last weekend was the opening weekend of pheasant hunting. Our farm is in the Missouri River Valley and it is one of the best places in the state to go pheasant hunting. On opening day we had friends and family out to hunt. Listen to this week's radio segment about pheasant hunting here. Farmers_Daughter_-_Farmers_Daughter_10-20-14.mp3


Even though it’s the first time we’ve been out hunting this year, it isn’t the first time we’ve thought about wildlife on our farm. As well as caring for our livestock, we also care for the wildlife that call our farm ground home. The crops we plant provide food for our livestock, but each year we leave a little of that crop in the field. We also plant small fields as game plots. The sole purpose of these crops is to provide food and shelter for the wild animals that live on our land.


Last Saturday was the perfect day to go hunting.  The weather was clear and the birds were out! The day was spent outside with family and friends, and the hunters got their limit of birds. Our family is not filled with avid hunters, but we do enjoy spending some time outside with friends and maybe getting a few birds in the process.


Pheasant numbers were very low last fall in South Dakota.  This was partly due to an early freeze, and partly due to decreased habitat. This year pheasant numbers are up 76% from last year.* On our farm, we work to provide wildlife a place to thrive in their natural habitat. Farmers are committed to conservation and are working to preserve the land for future generations. 


*Source: SD GFP


My sister, Sawyer, with her first pheasant!



The entire crew! 


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