A good excuse to eat bacon..

Posted: 10/26/2015

Photo By: Anokarina

October is one of the best months of the year. In addition to including great things like fall weather and Halloween, it’s also pork month!


It’s true that bacon makes everything better, but there are lots of other cuts of pork that you can make part of your meal rotation. Roasts, ribs, and chops are easy to make once you’ve got a good recipe, and they are delicious. Ground pork is a product that you don’t hear as much about, but is slowly becoming one of my favorites. It’s as easy to use as ground beef and just as versatile. You can find lots of great recipes on the Pork Be Inspired Website.


If bacon isn’t your style, or you’re looking for healthier ways to include pork in your meal, six cuts of pork are considered lean by the USDA. One serving of pork tenderloin has just 120 calories! Eating protein helps also helps you feel full longer than other food options. Additionally, pork includes nutrients like zinc and iron that are important for building lean muscle.


In South Dakota we have 600 farms that raise over a million pigs each year. Thanks to the farmers and processing plants in our state, we have quality, inexpensive, local pork in abundance! New technology aids in making sure that you have quality pork on your table. Temperature controlled barns keep animals comfortable and healthy. No matter the type of pork you buy, you can be sure that farmers are just as concerned about health and quality as you are. After all, farmers use their product to feed their own family as well.


This October join us in celebrating pork month. It’s a good excuse to add a little bacon to any meal.


Listen to this week's radio segment here! Farmers_Daughter_Oct26th.mp3


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