What's happening on the farm now that it's winter?

Posted: 12/15/2014

By: Rebecca Christman

Compared to the constant rush of spring, summer and fall on the farm, winter is a slower season.  So you might be asking yourself, what do farmers do in the winter? Some people might have visions of farmers sitting on the couch for four months when it’s coldest out, but there’s still plenty to do on the farm during the winter. 


Feeding_Cows_winter_Fotor.jpgAt our farm, the cows have been moved home to winter pastures and are getting fed a mixed ration every day. This mixed ration helps add an important layer of fat that will help keep the cows warm in the winter. Feeding the cows and calves adds an extra four hours to daily chores, so that by itself can take up a large part of our day.


In addition to feeding cows, farmers are also getting ready for next spring. Right now my dad is soil testing his fields, repairing equipment, and purchasing the seed that will be planted for next year’s crop. At our house spring is calving time. All of our cows will be preg checked next week so we can be prepared for when they will calve next spring.


Even with all these activities, winter really is a slower season on the farm.  That means it’s a good time for farmers to get away for a day or two. For most this might mean going to a stock show or checking out a bull sale, and there are a LOT of them to choose from in the winter.  Even when planning a vacation, farmers can’t seem to get very far away from the farm.


So, there you have it … what farmers are really up to during the winter months! It might not be quite as relaxing as you thought, especially when it is time to feed cows and it is zero degrees outside.


You can listen to this week's radio segment here! Farmers_Daughter_Audio_12.15.14.mp3


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