Summer Intern Says Hi

Posted: 5/26/2015

As introduced on the Farmer’s Daughter radio spot, my name is Brianna Buseman, and not only am I a farmer’s daughter, but I am also the Ag United Summer Intern. 

 I grew up on a farm in South East South Dakota where my family raises Angus cattle. Growing up, I was very involved in our operation. Whether that be vaccinating calves or assisting in haying, I loved every part of it!  I was a part of 4-H when I was younger, both showing and judging livestock.  This organization gave me a deeper appreciation for the Ag industry. Because of this, I have chosen to pursue a degree in Agricultural Business at South Dakota State University where I will be a sophomore this fall.Family_Pic.jpg

Being raised on a farm has given me opportunities to learn a lot of life lessons. I have gained an understanding that even if you put in your best effort, sometimes things don’t always pan out the way you hoped.  I’ve learned the importance of patience and a positive attitude.  Most importantly, I’ve grown to appreciate the value of a strong work ethic.  These attributes can be applied in all I do, whether that be in my classes at school or in a future career, patience, positivity and hard work are valuable characteristics.

This summer I look forward to working with producers and consumers all across the state.  In this position I will strive to work hard to make every event a success.  I am so thankful to have been raised with an appreciation of agriculture and am excited to share that with others this summer!



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