Runner Up Ag Week Essay - Kirstie Lake

Posted: 4/25/2014

The Surprising Places I Found Agriculture

By: Kirstie

Gettysburg Elementary


            I found out things like paper, plastic, cloth, and many other things are made from crops. A good example is corn. You can make fuel that runs your cars out of corn. That is called ethanol. Some people even heat their homes with corn burning stoves.

            Wheat is another good example of a crop that is used for more things than food. Disposable cups, plates and silverware can be made out of wheat. This is good for the environment because these kinds of products do disintegrate faster and better than regular plastics. Boards and lumber can be made from wheat straw. People also make art out of the wheat plant. Flower shops use wheat in bouquets.

            The oil from sunflowers is used to loosen bolts that are rusty. Flax is used to make paint better. There are many suprising places to find agriculture.


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