HSUS is There Something to Hide

Posted: 8/20/2010

Posted By:  Kelly Wubben

Recently the Humane Society of the United States posted public invitations to two South Dakota meetings on their website.  The first is scheduled for August 25th at Oh My Cupcakes in Sioux Falls and the second is on August 26th in Rapid City at Seattle's Best Cafe in Hotel Alex Johnson. 

The calendar invite reads as follows: 

Want to find out how you can help animals?

The Humane Society of the United States invites our members, supporters and other animal advocates to a grassroots meeting to discuss current issues affecting animals.

If you are concerned about local animal issues or just interested in creating a more compassionate South Dakota, you should attend this informative meeting to learn how you can take action for animals. Remember to bring your ideas, concerns, and questions, and don't forget to invite your friends.

RSVP today to lend your hand and make a difference for the animals in South Dakota! Please tell all your friends. Hope to see you there!

I am an animal advocate.  I just adopted a dog from the local humane society.  When there are opportunities to donate to local shelters at a restaurant or store, I do that.  I am concerned about local animal issues and believe in compassion towards animals.  I have concerns about animal welfare issues and I have lots of questions.  However, all these items apparently do not qualify me or several others to attend the meetings. 

Earlier this week, I received an email response from Darci Adams, the HSUS state director for South Dakota that said: 

"Perhaps you've been misinformed, but this is not a public event.  This is a private gathering for members of The Humane Society of the United States and supporters who want to get involved in our work to alleviate animal cruelty."

She did offer to meet separately with me to talk about animal welfare in a "more appropriate setting." 

I have to ask myself, why am I not able to attend?  Could it be because I, along with the others who were denied access, are farmers, ranchers or are involved in agriculture?   I think I hit it right on with that analysis.

Farmers and Ranchers are some of the greatest advocates for animals.  The spend every day caring for their livestock and often-times putting their animals' wellbeing ahead of their families and their own.  So why would we not be wanted at an HSUS meeting?

Currently HSUS is traveling state to state to pass legislation that includes banning of gestation stalls for pregnant sows and laying hen cages.  All of these changes they want to enforce have consequences, one being higher food prices for the consumer.  Just read about what is currently happening in California with the passing of Proposition 2

The more important consequence is the potential discomfort or issues for the animals themselves.  Over generations, farmers and ranchers have improved animal handling and housing to provide the best care for animals.  They have made improvements by learning from the past.  For example, hogs in indoor buildings are protected from windborne diseases and live in climate-controlled conditions.  Caged housing for chickens was developed to protect birds from each other and from contracting diseases from litter on the ground.  

I'm afraid that HSUS' concern is not for animals, but rather for their vegan agenda.  HSUS does not support the eating of meat.  While they will say they are ok with those consuming meat, maybe some comments from the recent Animal Rights 2010 Conference, of which HSUS hosted, will shed some light on their true feelings.

Today's agriculture is certainly different from what it was a generation ago,  It has taken farmers and ranchers decades to make housing conditions better for their livestock and poultry.  With HSUS starting to rally the troops in our own backyard, please remember that, South Dakota Farmers and Ranchers want nothing but the best for their animals and have lifetimes of experience in making the right decisions for our state's animals, environment, communities, and agriculture.  Let's not let an out of state multimillion dollar lobbying group make our decisions for us.


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