October Rural Dictionary - Nursery Barn, Finishing Barn

Posted: 10/1/2018

It's Pork Month! Take a minute to learn a couple common pig terms.

IMG_0596.JPGNursery Barn


Pigs are weaned at 3 to 4 weeks of age. At this time, they are ready to leave their mother and eat solid food. Pigs will often be moved to a nursery barn where they live for 5 to 8 weeks, or until they are about 50 pounds. When pigs first move to this barn, they are kept very warm at 80* F. As the pigs grow the temperature is gradually decreased to ensure they are comfortable. The pigs are fed a specialized diet that changes as they grow.



Mehlhaf Barn.JPG

Finishing Barn

After pigs leave the nursery they are moved to a finishing barn. Pigs are kept in groups of similar size to reduce fighting. Here pigs have free choice feed and water. The barn is kept at about 70 degrees and pigs are safe from the extreme cold and heat. Pigs will live here 4 to 6 months, until they are ready for market at 280 pounds.

*Pigs may also go directly from weaning to a finishing barn where they farmer takes extra care to ensure the baby pigs get off to a good start.


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