Farming on Christmas

Posted: 12/22/2014

by: Rebecca Christman

We’re a few days away from Christmas and just like everyone else, farmers are preparing for the holiday. Gift shopping is done and travel plans have been made. But, Christmas for farmers is a little different than it is for the rest of us.


Animals don’t take a break for the holidays. Even on Christmas there are still chores to be done for livestock producers and dairy farmers.  Farmers have to stay fairly close to home during the holidays to take care of chores and be prepared for issues that might come up on the farm. And, farmers try to give their employees time off during the holiday season, too.


Every year on Christmas Eve, my family would do chores, pack up the car and head to my Grandma’s house.  We were able to spend a fun afternoon and evening with family, eat supper, and open presents. Then we would head back to the farm to make sure we were home to do chores the next morning.


When I was young, the scene on Christmas Day was probably similar to a lot of other homes.  I would wake up early and run downstairs to see if presents had appeared, then rush to wake up my parents to see if we could open gifts. The difference, however, was that my mom would tell me that we couldn’t open gifts until Dad was done with chores.  My dad would reluctantly get up after going to bed late the night before and head outside to feed cattle.  A couple hours later, he would come back inside and we were finally able to open gifts.


This year as you are enjoying Christmas with family and friends, be sure to say a silent thank you to the farmers that are working hard to provide us with food, even on Christmas. 

Listen to this week's audio here! SD_Farm_Familes_-_Dec_22nd.mp3


Merry Christmas! A shot from earlier this fall on our farm. 


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