January 2016 AGvocates!

Posted: 1/29/2016


At Ag United we couldn’t ask for a better start to 2016. During January we spent the month planning for a year filled with exciting events. Our Adopted Farmers continued to send videos, and in the next months they will be visiting their classrooms in person. If you would like to volunteer for any event, you can always contact us at info@agunited.org.


January 2016 AgVocates


Adopted Farmers

Peter Bakken

Bruce Burkhart

Adam Mohrhauser

Dawn Nagel

Jim Petrik

Ginger Post

Heidi Selken

Ross Varilek


Video Tapers for Adopted Farmers

Tri Valley FFA Members

Morgan Blake

Nikole Krump

Carter Warne

Platte – Geddes FFA Member

Sawyer Naasz


Although the following items are programs we didn’t put on, we’d also like to give a shout out to AgVocates that are always willing to share their story of agriculture and went above and beyond in doing so this month.

  • Dakota Layers hosted an open house at their new pullet facility on January 19. After losing their entire flock to bird flu this past fall, this was a bold step. The open house shows their dedication to transparency with customers and good relations with the community. Check out a recap of the event.
  • Pete Bakken is an adopted farmer and is committed to sending monthly videos to his classroom. Each month Pete goes above and beyond his original commitment by sending weekly updates with photos to classrooms of what he’s up to that week. This month Pete also took time out of his busy schedule to lead a breakout session at the MN Farm Bureau conference about what he does to advocate for agriculture.


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