Featured Farmer - Steve Rommereim, Alcester

Posted: 5/9/2012

"Featured Farmer" is a new monthly addition to the Ag United website.  Each month, we’ll feature a profile of a South Dakota farmer or rancher.  Read the first profile of Steve Rommereim, pork producer and farmer from Alcester, SD.


Beyond the Farm:  Making a Difference in South Dakota Communities

It’s no secret that agriculture is a driving force in South Dakota’s economy.  While some measure the ag’s contribution in dollars, many others would argue that the greatest impact farm and ranch families have in the state is the roles they play in rural communities.  From town councils to service groups and school boards, farmers and ranchers are playing important roles in the groups that keep towns and cities across the state active and growing. 

Anyone who has served on a board will tell you that these activities are time consuming, but farmers like Steve Rommereim also find the experiences rewarding and important. 

He raises hogs, cattle, soybeans and corn near Alcester, in the southeast corner of South Dakota.  He stays busy planting, managing and harvesting his crops, as well as raising 5,000 hogs every year and caring for a herd of 100 beef cows and their calves.  He also finds time to play a leadership role in a number of community, school, farm and other organizations.

Steve served on the board of the South Dakota Pork Producers Association and is currently past president.   He is the current president of Ag United board.  He also has served on the Alcester-Hudson school board for seven years and the Union County zoning board for three years, as well as various other community and church boards over the years. 

"I enjoy getting involved in my community and helping make decisions that will lead to success and growth," said Steve.

Steve and his wife Charlotte are the fifth generation to raise crops, livestock and families on their land in Alcester.  They raised their two daughters on the farm. 

Steve says that involvement in organizations also is a great learning opportunity. 

“Getting involved in organizations puts you in contact with people with different skill sets and talents,” he said.  “It’s a great way to interact and learn from the top level of producers and industry professionals from South Dakota and across the country.”

He also has a better understanding of the legislative process after interacting with local, county, state and federal officials through the pork producers organizations. 

“It is important to make sure our voices are heard about the role of agriculture and to ensure we can continue raising livestock and crops to feed the world,” he said.

Steve has seen agriculture change over the years, but continues to see bright opportunities for farmers and livestock producers.  His farming operation has evolved over the years, including building a climate-controlled barn to raise pigs indoors about five years ago.   He says producers need to always be looking for improvements to provide the best care for animals and the environment as well as to make operations more efficient.

Read more about Steve in a KMEG “Proud to be a Hometown Farmer” profile here.


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