Dr. Wes Jamison to be guest speaker on SDSU campus

Posted: 10/31/2012

The SDSU Swine Club and Pre-Vet Club are hosting Dr. Wes Jamison, a professor at Palm Beach Atlantic University, on the SDSU campus Thursday, November 15th.  Dr. Jamison will be giving his keynote presentation "Political Sausage Making: an analysis of animal rights messages and implications for animal agriculture" at 7 pm in the Performing Arts Center on the SDSU campus.  Both students and the general public are encouraged to attend. In addition, he will be available to visit with other groups and classes throughout the day.

Considering that normal production practices in animal agriculture are continually having restrictions placed on them by animal rights’ groups, this is a topic that directly or indirectly affects almost everyone.  Also, with ballot initiative #5 in North Dakota making animal abuse a felony, and SD is the only other state in the nation where it’s not a felony, this is a very timely message for the region.

Dr. Jamison talks about the intense conflict in Animal Agriculture in the United States regarding the proper role and treatment of animals. Most analysis of these issues involves physiological, behavioral and economical impacts. However, this is boiled down to what is determined socially and politically acceptable by two competing worldviews. Dr. Jamison’s seminar presents information on the conflicting views between the two sides on the idea of consumptive use for livestock. He’s a nationally known speaker and provides a completely new concept of how animal agriculture needs to think about their industry. 

For more information, please contact Dr. Bob Thaler, SDSU Extension Swine Specialist, at 605-688-5435.


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