Sioux Empire Farm Show Recap

Posted: 2/2/2015

by Rebecca Christman

Last week was the Sioux Empire Farm Show in Sioux Falls, and just a couple days ago the trailers were packed up, and everyone headed home.  If you were one of the thousands of people that attended the Farm Show, you probably got a small glimpse into excitement that is farm show week.


Last week the show was kicked off on Tuesday with a ribbon cutting, and the 4-H and FFA Calf shows. That began a week of hard work and fun for a lot of young people.


The show might have started on Tuesday, but getting the animals ready started long before. Exhibitors spent hours after school and on weekends training their animals. Before coming to Sioux Falls the animals got a haircut and a bath, and then were loaded onto a trailer to for their first trip to the big city.


At the show the animals were primped until they looked their best, and then it was time to go into the show ring. During the show, the judge selected the animals that he thought were the best representation of their breed. This show included animals from South Dakota and many of the surrounding states. The livestock at this show were truly the best of the best. After the show, the animals were put on a sale and sold to new owners. If it seems like a lot of work, that’s because it is.  Despite the hard work, it’s fun to show off an animal that you raised. It gives you a sense of pride knowing that you have cared for and trained an excellent animal.


Last week I was fortunate to see my little sister show in the heifer show on Saturday. She willingly woke up at 5:00am on a Saturday to pack up her heifer and travel to Sioux Falls.  Once she made it to the fairgrounds she spent the morning washing, clipping, and blow-drying her calf.  Finally at 3:00pm she was able to take her spot in the show ring. The judge place her heifer 3rd in the class. Like anyone would, she wished that her heifer would have placed a couple spots higher. Despite the placing, she still had fun doing what she loves, spending time with livestock.


Because I grew up on a farm with beef cattle, my favorite parts of the Farm Show are watching the livestock shows. Besides the livestock shows, there are lots of other things going on during the week. A trade show at the convention center was open each day during the week, the sale of champions was held on Friday evening, a livestock judging contest was held on Saturday morning, and a pony and draft horse pull was held Saturday evening. Even if you’re not from a farm, it’s fun to see all the different types of animals that are exhibited during the week.


If you missed the farm show this year, you can relive some of the action by looking through this year’s photos.  Next year make sure to head out to fairgrounds or convention center to catch the excitement! 

Listen to this week's radio segment here! FARMERS_DAUGHTER-FEB_2ND.mp3

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Pre-show grooming Getting a drink Competing in class!


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