Corn Harvest Continues

Posted: 11/7/2016

Photo courtsey of Pete Bakken

We’ve already finished a full week of November and the flurry of activity on the farm continues. Fall rains delayed harvest in many parts of our state, and near my hometown of Platte farmers are in the fields combining corn.


Corn is one of the most common crops grown in South Dakota. Although, the soil type and moisture are best for corn in the eastern part of the state, corn is becoming a more common crop as you travel west through South Dakota as well. Advances in plant breeding and genetics (thanks GMOs!) have made corn more resistant to drought, and you may even see few fields of corn near Rapid City where growing corn was not even considered 20 years ago.


The main use of corn in South Dakota for feeding animals, but there are hundreds of other uses for corn as well! From baking ingredients to fuel, and sweeteners to plastics, corn can be found everywhere.


*Here's a link to the orignal file from the National Corn Growers Association if you would like to download or enlarge the graphic.


As harvest continues, we are wishing the best to farmers across South Dakota!



Did you miss the radio segment of this week's Farmer's Daughter? Listen to it online here: 11.7.16_Farmers_Daughter_Corn_Harvest.mp3


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