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Posted: 3/17/2016

"My Favorite South Dakota Grown Product"


Some of my favorite foods are bread, pancakes, waffles, muffins, macaroni and cheese, and pudding. All of these foods I like to eat are made with wheat. Wheat is my favorite South Dakota grown product.

My family plants and grows 1,000 acres of winter wheat, and I like to help harvest the crop  each summer. When we go out to combine it, I like to see the wheat when it is golden. I also eat wheat in the field because if I chew it long enough, I can make gum out of it. I also like wheat because it can be used in recipes. The wheat is used as white or whole wheat flour for many kinds of foods that people eat every day like donuts, pies,crackers, ice cream cones, and pizza crust.

We don't just harvest the wheat for food. We also let our cows graze the fields when the wheat is green because it is good food for the cattle. During calving, we use the straw left after harvest for bedding so the cows and calves can stay warm during cold nights.

I love to work on the farm and ranch because I am helping make an ingredient for food that people eat. When I grow up, I want to be a farmer and rancher so I can raise cattle for beef and grow crops for people to make food with. Wheat is my favorite crop because it is used in foods I like to eat.






The list of foods made from wheat is from Lance Gibson and Garren Benson's article "Origin, History, and Uses of Oat and Wheat." Iowa State University. January 2002 . agron-www .agron.iastate .edu. February 2016.


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