Planting Season...Almost

Posted: 5/2/2016

By: Rebecca Christman


This is about how we are feeling on our farm. 

Source: Spencer Agronomy Facebook Page

It’s the beginning of May and that means that many farmers in our area are getting ready to plant their crops. Seed are selected and equipment is tuned up and ready.  A few farmers have already gotten in the fields and the rest wish they were in the field right now.

The problem is, it’s been raining. And raining. It seems counterintuitive; plants need rain to grow right? But, too much rain makes it almost impossible to get the seeds planted. Fields that are sticky, muddy, or flooded don’t work with heavy equipment. At my parents farm in Platte, they have gotten 7 1/2  inches of rain in the past 2 weeks!


Once the fields are drained and things dry out, planting will be underway. Even though lots of rain makes things difficult, it is good to have moisture available when the seeds finally are ready to start germinating. The farmers and ranchers with pastures across the state are also glad for the rain because it means they will have abundant grass this summer.


Soon the sun will shine again, things will dry off, and farmers will be ready for a great growing season.


Listen to this week's radio segment here: SD_Farm_Families_-_Farmers_Daughter_May_2nd.mp3


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