Runner Up Ag Week Essay - Logan Hurlburt

Posted: 4/24/2014

The Surprising Places I Found Agriculture

By Logan

Clark Elementary


We all know where to find agriculture in the common places, but where are some of the surprising places to find agriculture? Would you believe you can find agriculture in your own home? Let’s take a trip to the garage. How about we play some baseball or some golf. Did you know that the ball you just picked up and that golf glove you just put on were made of cow hide? Now walk into your living room. As you walk in you see a leather sofa or possibly an ottoman which are also made of cow hide. Now let’s go to your bed room. Look into your closet. What will you find? A leather jacket, a pair of wool socks, or a cotton t-shirt perhaps? Most of your clothes are made from products of agriculture. Now let’s go to the medicine cabinet. You may have noticed gel caps in your medicine cabinet. Did you know that the cap of gelatin that holds your medicine inside is made from boiling skin, tendons, ligaments and bones from cows? And one more thing-perhaps your skin is feeling a bit dry and you need some lotion. You may be surprised to know that the moisturizers in some lotions contain the marrow of chicken bones. So even in the most surprising of places you will find evidence of agriculture.


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