Winning Ag Week Essay - Luke Jones

Posted: 4/22/2014

Agriculture and Baseball

By: Luke

Cheyenne School, Stanley County


            When I first got the sheet for what this essay was supposed to be about, I didn’t know what to write about. Then I thought about how baseball was connected to agriculture. The baseball itself is made of four long strands of wool from sheep and two small pieces of cowhide. One piece of hide can produce over one hundred forty four baseballs.

            The baseball bat is also connected by wood from the northern ash tree and the maple tree. The home plate is made of rubber from the tropical rubber tree. The baseball glove is another example. The best gloves are made from natural cowhide. One piece of hide can make twelve gloves.

            Also, glove softening oils are used to soften the glove so it can flex. The oils are made from plants, animals, fish and soybeans. The uniforms also have a connection because they are made of cotton from a cotton plant. The cotton keeps players cool in the summer. Pine tar is alos related to agriculture. It’s made from the yellow pine tree in Georgia.

            Printing is connected because of paper made by wood. Newspapers, tickets, programs and schedules are a few examples. Finally, the resin bag, made from pine resin, is also made from the yellow pine tree. The pine is dried and powered for use. It is used to dry the pitcher’s hand so the ball doesn’t slip. These are the many surprising things connected to agriculture in baseball.


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