Farmer's Daughter: Legislative Candidate Forum

Posted: 9/19/2016



We all know the election will be coming up in just a couple months. I’m sure you’ve heard plenty about the candidates on the national level, but how much do you about the candidates that will be running in our state elections?


If you live in Minnehaha County and call Legislative Districts 9, 10, or 25, home plan to join us for a candidate forum this Wednesday evening near Baltic. Candidates running in each district will be there to answer questions about issues that are important to those living in rural Minnehaha County. Questions will be focused on agriculture and rural issues. There will be time for questions from the audience as well!


In the next election we will be voting for candidates that will make an impact right here in our state. Do your best to make an informed decision; hear from the candidates that are running! We hope you will join us Wednesday evening. The forum will be held at in the Morton Center, 1 mile east of East Nidaros Lutheran Church, 47669 252nd Street, Baltic, SD 57003.


Candidates that will be attending include:


District 25 Senate

Kris Langer                

Jeff Barth                   


District 25 House

Roger Hunt    

Tom Pischke              

Dan Ahlers                 

Dave Haagenson        


District 9  Senate

Deb Peters                 

John Koch                  


District 9 House

Michael Clark            

Wayne Steinhauer      

Michael Saba              


District 10 Senate

Jim Powers                


District 10 House

Don Haggar                

Steve Haugaard          

Dean Kurtz                


*Note: This list is subject to change. All candidates that are running for each district have been invited.

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Minnesota House 60A Candidate Forum 2010” by Tony Webster is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. 


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