Thank-You July & August AgVocates!

Posted: 8/31/2015


As the summer comes to a close, we would like to recognize those that supported our July and August activities. We would like to thank everyone that is working to keep family farms and ranches growing in South Dakota. As you can tell, we wouldn’t be able to host these events without help from our partners and volunteers in the ag industry!


July & August AgVocates


Farms After Five Tours

Barney Roling Family

Nathan & Jenny Braun & family

Mooody County Dairy

Lynn Boadwine

Heidi Selken

Dr. Dan Smith

Bill Even

Dr. David Wright

Peter Bakken

Bonnie Dybedahl

Peggy Greenway

Ginger Post

Roger Scheibe

Dawn Scheier

Holly Swee

Larry Healy - Campbell’s Supply

South Dakota Common Ground

South Dakota Dairy Producers

South Dakota Beef Industry Council

South Dakota Pork Producers Council

South Dakota Farm Bureau

South Dakota Soybean

South Dakota Corn

Rock County Cattlemen

SouthEast Tech

*Thank you as well to the local vets and nutritionists that were on-hand for these tours to answer some of the more technical questions!


Daycare Tour

Turner County Dairy

Walt Bones

Steve Bossman


Alcester Bank Tour

Boadwine Farms

Heidi Selken

Lynn Boadwine

Valley Side Farm Cheese

Scott & Kris Swanson


Dairy Drive Summit

Roger Scheibe

Brianna Buseman

South Dakota Dairy Producers

Midwest Dairy


Oaklane Colony Open House

Glenn Muller

Stacey Sorlien

Shauna Kill

Stephanie Fox

Ryan and Amy Storm

South Dakota Pork Producers


Homeschool Farm Tour

Boadwine Farms

Lynn Boadwine

Heidi Selken


Brianna_Buseman.jpg*A special thank-you to our summer intern Brianna Buseman for the work she did on many different projects this summer. We are confident she will continue to be an outstanding AgVocate as she returns to school at SDSU this fall.


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