Celebrating South Dakota's Beef Industry

Posted: 5/5/2011

Posted by: Steve Rommereim, Ag United President 

For more than 40 years, Americans have celebrated National Beef Month each May.  What better way to recognize the work of our country's ranchers and beef producers than by enjoying a hamburger or steak on the grill?  

We all recognize the value of nutritious, heart-healthy beef on our dinner tables ... but let's also take a few minutes to recognize the importance of beef production and related industries to our state's economy.

In 2008, the 1.65 million beef calves raised in South Dakota generated $1.7 billion in revenues, according to an article by Gary Taylor of South Dakota State University.  The economic multiplier for the beef industry is 1.63, meaning that one dollar of output in the industry generates an additional sixty-three cents of economic activity in the South Dakota economy. The total impact, when divided by the 1,644,000 cows in the state that calved in 2008 would result in $1699.57 in economic activity per cow/calf pair.

In addition, the beef industry has created about 11,600 jobs and generated $83 million in business tax revenues.  

Another significant impact of the beef industry is supplying a local market for the corn, soybeans, and forages produced in South Dakota.

So, enjoy the beef on your table this month and all year round.  You are not only providing a great source of protein and nutrients to your family, you are also doing your part to support the state's economy! 

For more information about South Dakota's beef industry, visit South Dakota Beef Industry Council, South Dakota Cattlemen's Association, or read the proclamation announcing May as Beef Month in South Dakota by Gov. Dennis Daugaard.


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