July 2017 Agvocates

Posted: 8/2/2017



We kicked off the month with the Farms After Five Tour, which included stops at Central Farmers Cooperative, Valley Side Farm, and Klein Family Farm. Several days later we hosted an open house with the Pechous family at their new robotic dairy. The month was wrapped up with three Boys and Girls Club tours at Boadwine Farms. Thank you to all our July agvocates for making these experiences possible! 


July 2017 Agvocates


Farms After Five Tour

Central Farmers Cooperative – Megan Herlyn

Klein Farm - Tyler Klein

Valley Side Farm – Scott and Kris Swanson

Al Miron

John Lentz

Holly Swee

Adam Mohrhauser

Stacey Sorlien


Pechous Dairy Open House

Bob and Nancy Pechous

Kyle and Erin Pechous

Truman Dick

Connor Swanson

SD Dairy Princess Krista Harringa

Roger Scheibe


Boys and Girls Club Dairy Tour

Boadwine Farms

Heidi Zwinger


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