The Real Reality

Posted: 9/1/2010

There are many "reality" TV shows out there.  The Real World, Kate Plus 8, Survivor, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Jersey Shore etc.   I think we can all agree there really is not much "reality" to some of these shows.  How many of us live with seven strangers and party every night or have eight children and go on paid vacations with paparazzi following us?  The reality is not many.  I have often wondered, with everyone's obsession with food and animal welfare, why are there not more "reality" shows featuring farmers and ranchers? 

If people want to see reality, the hard work and dedication that goes into farming, is as real as it gets.  No matter if it is below freezing or 100 degrees out, the work must continue.   There are no paid vacations, partying every night or paparazzi following farmers around. 

I was pleasantly surprised to see the show "Last American Cowboy - on the Animal Planet channel."  The series features three ranch families from Montana.  Through-out the series viewers can see ranchers battling the harsh Montana winters, delivering calves, managing wildlife, branding calves etc.  These are real families trying to make a living on their ranches.  

I hope this series is one of many to come, featuring all areas of production agriculture.  Maybe in the future we can see dairy, pork and grain families featured as well?  It would be great to see a "reality" TV show about a hard working pork producer on E! instead of the Kardashians and their drama.  Or maybe instead of Kate Gosselin and her herd of children, we see a dairy mom sharing how she and her family  provide us with safe affordable dairy products every day.


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