Farmers Tell Their Story

Posted: 12/1/2014

If you’re like most people you would probably like more information about the food you eat. Lucky for you, there are many farmers out there that are more than willing to share their story.  Farmers are blogging, tweeting, and facebook-ing about their daily lives and the food they produce.


Here at South Dakota Farm Families I am fortunate to work with many farmers that want to share their story. These farmers visit elementary classrooms, make videos to show others what’s happening on their farm, and even open their farms up for tours. South Dakota farmers want you to know what it takes to produce the food that ends up on your table 3 times a day.


Next week on December 9th, we are celebrating 10 years of sharing our story at South Dakota Farm Families. We hosting a luncheon in Sioux Falls to thank the farmers that go the extra mile to share with people what’s happening on the farm. At the luncheon we will eat a delicious meal, listen to speaker Rod Snyder, President of Field to Market, and honor our first AgVocate of the year.  If you would like a free ticket to this event, visit call our office at (605) 336-3622 or email 

Listen to this week's radio spot here: FARMERS_DAUGHTER-DEC_1ST.mp3



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