Posted: 1/11/2021


I’ve really been contemplating a quote I heard recently by Tim Elmore, “Change can either happen to us or because of us.”

Change seems easier to handle when we know it’s coming, like the change of seasons. Farmers are very aware of the fact we cannot control the weather. We know winter months will be spent making decisions for spring. We do our best to prepare for the changing seasons, because we know the change is coming and we know how to handle it.

When it comes to unexpected change, the biggest thing we can control is how we react to it. The resourcefulness and the resilience of agriculture is evidence that we have been handling change for generations. We know growing crops, livestock, and kids will not go the way we planned. Something always happens to change our plans. Sometimes we need to take a step back, make adjustments and prepare for the next season. Whatever season of your life that might be.

Heidi Zwinger


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