October Agvocates

Posted: 10/31/2017

October Agvocates.jpg

During October farmers were busy with Soybean Harvest. We were fortunate to have volunteers that were willing to give a look into their work through our Harvest Hangout segments and a guest blog post. Students involved in the Adopt A Farmer program also received their first videos from their Adopted Farmer. Thank you to everyone that supported our October programs!


Expo for Her

Ashley Gelderman

Heidi Selken


Guest Blog Post
Ashley Gelderman


Harvest Hangout

Bruce Burkhart

Kyle Vanderwal


Adopt A Farmer

Peter Bakken

Clint Brandlee & Kelly Wubben

Bruce Burkhart

Philip Eggers

Greg Moes

Adam Mohrhauser

Dawn Nagel

Jim Petrik

Doug Sieck

Heidi Zwinger


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