September Rural Dictionary: Silage

Posted: 9/7/2018

Silage 7.jpeg

Silage  (noun) – A crop that is chopped, packed, and sealed to ferment. Most commonly found in the form of corn or alfalfa. The crop is cut while green and has high moisture content. After chopping, the crop is put in a pile, and heavy tractors drive on top to get out extra air. The pile is covered with plastic and commonly topped with tires to create an airtight seal. After sealing, the silage pile will start to ferment. Silage is a nutrient dense feed usually fed to beef or dairy cows. Silage has a sweet smell and many farmers will tell you it’s one of their favorite smells on the farm!

Silage 2.jpeg Silage 8.jpeg Silage.jpeg
Chopping corn for silage. Unloading and packing the pile.

Covering the silage with a tarp held on by

tires to seal in freshness!


Thank you to Ben Stout for the photos! 


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