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Posted: 12/17/2009

Posted By:  Kelly Wubben

Recently Carrie Underwood donated $200,000 to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).  As many of you know, HSUS is an extreme animal rights group whose agenda is to create vegan society.  This group is going to extreme measures to put an end to animal agriculture and the liveli hood of thousands of American Farmers. 

I find it very disappointing a country singer and one who has a farm background herself could do something so irresponsible.  After all who originally started listening to her and supporting her career?  It was those farmers, ranchers, hunters and rodeo people, whom she now seems to have forgotten about.  The fact that she chose to take the money she earned from the people who supported her and is now useing it to support a group who wants to end their livelihood is very unsettling. 

I am not a person who listens to what famous people say; however there are many uninformed people out there who take what a celebrity says to heart, even though they clearly may not be an expert in the area they are talking about.  Or in Carrie Underwood's situation they clearly have not done their research.    

This recent event got me thinking about who else supports radical animal rights groups?  After doing some research with the help of activistcash.com I found who else supports HSUS.  The findings may surprise you.  Candice Bergen, best known for her role as Murphy Brown supports HSUS.  As does:  Jenna Elfmann from Dharma and Greg; Ed Asner best known for his role on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Barbra Streisand.  Finally - and perhaps the most disappointing to me three Golden Girls actresses, Rue McClanahan (Blanch), Bea Arthur (Dorothy) and Betty White (Rose).  These were just a few names who came up as HSUS supporters. 

This is a short list of a long list people who support an Animal Rights group.  There are many others who support groups such as PETA, Farm Animal Reform Movement (FARM) and the Sierra Club.  All of whom want to end animal agriculture, and force millions of Americans to lose their choice to choose what they eat as well as pay large amounts of money for their food. 

I would encourage everyone to not support a group or person who takes for granted what you do every day.  I did own Carrie's first CD, however I am happy to report I no longer own that CD.   I for one will not be supporting anyone who does not support American Farmers and those who help put food on millions of people's plates every day.  I may end up throwing away many CD's and DVD's in the future, but I ethically cannot support someone who does not support what my family is doing.


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