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Farmer's Daughter Blog Post: "Summer 2018 Recap"

8/20/2018 - Farmer‘s Daughter Segment: “ Summer 2018 Recap”  Hello Everyone! My name is Katie Schoenfelder and I am a Farmer’s Daughter!   I can hardly believe that school is starting and the summer has already come to an end. Cheesy as it may be, the line: “time sure does fly when you’re havin... Read More

Farmer's Daughter Blog Post: "The Most Dreaded Job"

8/9/2018 - Hello everyone! My name is Katie Schoenfelder and I am a Farmer’s Daughter.  Growing up you learn that a year has four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. These four seasons are usually most noted for the flowers, sunshine, leaves, and snow.  In South Dakota we experience many of the ... Read More

Rural Dictionary: Showmanship

8/3/2018 -   Showmanship (noun) – In this type of livestock show, participants are judged on their ability to show their animals. A good showman will know how to set up their animal so it looks it’s best. They are also aware of their placement in the ring, take hand signals from the judge or ringman, a... Read More

Thank you July Agvocates!

8/3/2018 - This year, July is when it truly began to feel like summer in South Dakota. Hot days and cool evenings make it the perfect time to visit South Dakota farms. This month we hosted an open house with Lazy J Dairy near Wolsey and invited the community to help the family to celebrate the completion of ... Read More

“Learning to do” in the show ring and in the classroom

8/3/2018 - August Profile: Joshua Johnson It is fair season in South Dakota! In livestock barns, show rings and exhibit halls at fairs across the state, you’ll see FFA members with the livestock they’ve raised and projects they’ve completed throughout the year.    “Fairs are a great opportunity t... Read More

Guest Blogger Sarah Tveidt: Merging passions into a fulfilling career

7/30/2018 - Hello! My name is Sarah Tveidt and I’m a farmer’s daughter and an ag professional. I grew up on our family’s farm by Humboldt, South Dakota, where my family raises soybeans, corn and cattle. In fact, our farm has been in our family 135 years this year, which is something we’re very proud of.... Read More

Farmer's Daughter Blog: Growing Green & Going Green

7/23/2018 - Hello everyone, my name is Katie Schoenfelder and I am a farmer's daughter! When most people think of “going green” & “recycling” the image of a farm rarely comes to mind. However, today’s farmers use quite a few methods to recycle resources and nutrients on their operations.    O... Read More

Farmer's Daughter Blog Post: Just How Far We've Come

7/17/2018 - Hello everyone! My name is Katie Schoenfelder and I am a farmer’s daughter.   I recently went home for the Fourth of July and it was an absolute blast. It was so nice getting to see everyone, catch up with family and friends, and just be out on the farm.  Now my family usually celebrates In... Read More

Rural Dictionary: Pollination

7/10/2018 - On a crop farm you might hear the farmer talking about pollination or flowering during the summer months. These processes are very important because this is the first step in the actual production of the corn and soybean crops by developing the flowers into grains. Usually lasts about one week... Read More