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Rural Dictionary: CAFO

2/7/2018 - We're excited to introduce a new monthly feature - a Rural Dictionary!  Every industry relies on terms and acronyms that are used a lot, but not always explained.  Our goal is to share a term each month that you may have seen online or in news coverage and provide a little more background. Have ... Read More

January 2018 Agvocates

2/1/2018 - We started off 2018 with one of our favorite activities - Adopt A Farmer classroom visits! At these visits students get to meet their Adopted Farmer in person, as well as touch, see, and feel items from the farm. Students enjoy getting to interact with their Adopted Farmers, it’s easy to forget th... Read More

Raising Livestock through Trust and Transparency

1/30/2018 - Featured Farmer Profile – Rodney Elliott, Drumgoon Dairy   There is often a great deal of discussion and news coverage when a South Dakota farm family applies for a permit to build or expand a livestock farm.  What happens after their permit is approved and the animals move in?  Regulations ... Read More

Roger Scheibe Selected as 2017 AgVocate of the Year

1/2/2018 - January Featured Partner Profile   Roger Scheibe (L) accepts the 2017 AgVocate of the Year award from Ag United President, Richard Vasgaard (R).  A collection of more than 50 milk bottles from South Dakota creameries dating back to the 1940s is just one of the ways that Roger ... Read More

Thank you to ALL 2017 Agvocates!

12/31/2017 - On December 13 we celebrated 13 years of Ag United for South Dakota. At our annual luncheon we announced our AgVocate of the Year, Roger Scheibe and heard from Lucas Lentsch, CEO of Midwest Dairy. We also looked back on all of the events that we held in 2017. Each one was dependent on our wonderfu... Read More

Dogs and Cattle Play Important Role at TSN Simmentals

12/4/2017 - December Featured Farmer   We’ve all heard the saying that ‘dogs are man’s best friend,” but for many farmers and ranchers, their dogs are more than a friend or family member, they are as valuable as any employee on the operation.    This is especially true for Tim and Sandy Naasz who... Read More

Thankful for November Agvocates!

11/29/2017 - In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we spent the month thinking about what we are thankful for at Ag United.  Our fantastic volunteers were at the top of the list! We rely on more than 250 volunteers each year, and our programs and activities would not be possible without you. This month we hosted the... Read More

Corn Mazes and Corn Harvest

10/31/2017 - My sister Sawyer and I on our own corn maze adventure.  October is a time when lots of families head to the country. Apple orchards, pumpkin patches, and corn mazes give people from town the chance to enjoy the beautiful rural landscape we have in South Dakota. It’s fun to spen... Read More

October Agvocates

10/31/2017 - During October farmers were busy with Soybean Harvest. We were fortunate to have volunteers that were willing to give a look into their work through our Harvest Hangout segments and a guest blog post. Students involved in the Adopt A Farmer program also received their first videos from their Adopt... Read More