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The #1 lesson I learned from working at Ag United

11/9/2018 - I have had the opportunity to work at Ag United for SD for almost five years now. As Outreach Director you’ll often find me behind the scenes of open house events, bus tours, and restaurant crawls, and behind the computer screen writing press releases, blog posts, and radio spots. All of those thi... Read More

Fall on the Farm

10/9/2018 -   The calendar and the cool weather both tell us that fall is here. Leaves are changing colors, and crops are turning a golden brown signifying that it’s time for harvest.   On the farm the changing weather signifies to farmers that it’s time to prepare for winter. Farmers are in the field ... Read More

The 6 most common food labels defined

9/24/2018 - When you go to the grocery story, you’ll see hundreds of labels. All natural, non-GMO, organic, or local, we often have label over load. But what does it all really mean? Below, you’ll find a breakdown of the some of the most common labels we’ve seen in the grocery store.   Organic – The ... Read More

Take the 10 Gallon Challenge!

9/20/2018 - Fall is almost here, and September is a great time to support your local farmers and your local community. Hunger knows no season, and so this fall we are taking the #10GallonChallenge to support our local food banks and our dairy farmers.   On social media, a farm broadcaster put out the challen... Read More

Laura Kahler: Making the Best Better

8/27/2018 - Guest Blog Post written by Laura Kahler My future 4-H'er, Armin. Growing up as the youngest of three siblings, I could not wait until I was old enough to have a 4-H back tag to wear as I exhibited my chicken at the county fair.  Despite the fact my rather unattractive chicken d... Read More

Farmer's Daughter Blog Post: "Summer 2018 Recap"

8/20/2018 - Farmer‘s Daughter Segment: “ Summer 2018 Recap”  Hello Everyone! My name is Katie Schoenfelder and I am a Farmer’s Daughter!   I can hardly believe that school is starting and the summer has already come to an end. Cheesy as it may be, the line: “time sure does fly when you’re havin... Read More

Farmer's Daughter Blog Post: "The Most Dreaded Job"

8/9/2018 - Hello everyone! My name is Katie Schoenfelder and I am a Farmer’s Daughter.  Growing up you learn that a year has four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. These four seasons are usually most noted for the flowers, sunshine, leaves, and snow.  In South Dakota we experience many of the ... Read More

Guest Blogger Sarah Tveidt: Merging passions into a fulfilling career

7/30/2018 - Hello! My name is Sarah Tveidt and I’m a farmer’s daughter and an ag professional. I grew up on our family’s farm by Humboldt, South Dakota, where my family raises soybeans, corn and cattle. In fact, our farm has been in our family 135 years this year, which is something we’re very proud of.... Read More

Farmer's Daughter Blog: Growing Green & Going Green

7/23/2018 - Hello everyone, my name is Katie Schoenfelder and I am a farmer's daughter! When most people think of “going green” & “recycling” the image of a farm rarely comes to mind. However, today’s farmers use quite a few methods to recycle resources and nutrients on their operations.    O... Read More