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Farmer's Daughter Blog Post: "Summer 2018 Recap"

8/20/2018 - Farmer‘s Daughter Segment: “ Summer 2018 Recap”  Hello Everyone! My name is Katie Schoenfelder and I am a Farmer’s Daughter!   I can hardly believe that school is starting and the summer has already come to an end. Cheesy as it may be, the line: “time sure does fly when you’re havin... Read More

Farmer's Daughter Blog Post: "The Most Dreaded Job"

8/9/2018 - Hello everyone! My name is Katie Schoenfelder and I am a Farmer’s Daughter.  Growing up you learn that a year has four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. These four seasons are usually most noted for the flowers, sunshine, leaves, and snow.  In South Dakota we experience many of the ... Read More

Guest Blogger Sarah Tveidt: Merging passions into a fulfilling career

7/30/2018 - Hello! My name is Sarah Tveidt and I’m a farmer’s daughter and an ag professional. I grew up on our family’s farm by Humboldt, South Dakota, where my family raises soybeans, corn and cattle. In fact, our farm has been in our family 135 years this year, which is something we’re very proud of.... Read More

Farmer's Daughter Blog: Growing Green & Going Green

7/23/2018 - Hello everyone, my name is Katie Schoenfelder and I am a farmer's daughter! When most people think of “going green” & “recycling” the image of a farm rarely comes to mind. However, today’s farmers use quite a few methods to recycle resources and nutrients on their operations.    O... Read More

Farmer's Daughter Blog Post: Just How Far We've Come

7/17/2018 - Hello everyone! My name is Katie Schoenfelder and I am a farmer’s daughter.   I recently went home for the Fourth of July and it was an absolute blast. It was so nice getting to see everyone, catch up with family and friends, and just be out on the farm.  Now my family usually celebrates In... Read More

Farmer's Daughter Blog Post: Antibiotics & Hormones in Beef

7/9/2018 - Hello everyone, my name is Katie Schoenfelder and I am a farmer’s daughter. On my family’s farm we have a  cow-calf operation where we raise Simmental-Angus cattle.  I absolutely love beef; it’s one of my favorite foods. Honestly, you can’t do much better than a nice juicy steak at the en... Read More

Farmers Daughter Blog: Communicating the story of agriculture

6/25/2018 - Agricultural Communications  Growing up a farmer’s daughter I developed a passion for agriculture; and it was no surprise that when I graduated I wanted to pursue a career in the agricultural industry.  To my surprise, when I announced that I would be majoring in Agricultural Communication... Read More

Guest Blog: South Dakota Dairy Princess Morgan Kohl

6/18/2018 - Hello Everyone! My name is Morgan Kohl and I am excited to be serving as the 2018-19 South Dakota Dairy Princess. I recently graduated from Waverly-South Shore High School. This fall, I plan on attending South Dakota State University for a double major in dairy production and animal science. I pla... Read More

A Passion for Beef and the People Who Raise It

5/30/2018 - Guest Blog written by Shelby Bartling   I’m Shelby Bartling and I live near Gregory, SD with my husband, Justin. My days are spent working with farmers and ranchers in the area as a Feed Consultant for Country Pride Cooperative. I grew up on my family’s farm near Toronto, SD with my parents... Read More