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Corn Mazes and Corn Harvest

10/31/2017 - My sister Sawyer and I on our own corn maze adventure.  October is a time when lots of families head to the country. Apple orchards, pumpkin patches, and corn mazes give people from town the chance to enjoy the beautiful rural landscape we have in South Dakota. It’s fun to spen... Read More

Ashley Gelderman - A Passion for Pigs

10/23/2017 - Ashley with one of her piglets from her M.S. research Farmer's Daughter Guest Blog Growing up on a 4,000 head sow farm outside of Salem, SD, my passion for pigs started early in life. Farrowing (birthing of baby pigs) occurred everyday on our farm.  Being the youngest of three c... Read More

Sydney Sleep: My Summer with Ag United

8/15/2017 - By Sydney Sleep I can’t believe my summer internship with Ag United for South Dakota is already over. This summer was truly one for the books. I am so thankful for the people I met, all I learned about the agriculture industry, and the unique experiences I was given.  One of my biggest take... Read More

Local Foods Around the World

8/14/2017 - HyVee defines local as 200 miles or less.  What does the term “local food” mean to you? Here in South Dakota, we have 30,000 farmers producing food locally with thousands more in the surrounding states. On average each of these farmers produces food for 155 people. That means... Read More

Cover Crops a Valuable Resource

8/3/2017 - By Sydney Sleep I visited home last weekend and was lucky enough to get in on planting some cover crops. My dad was planting a mix of turnips, radishes, pearl millet, and winter rye into a field of wheat that was recently cut and baled. We have never planted this mix of cover crops before, so it ... Read More

Drought Forces Farmers to Make Tough Decisions

7/24/2017 - By Sydney Sleep  Photos courtesy of Lacey Caffee of Caffee Ranch, located 13 miles west of Wessington Springs.  Grass supply is sparse for grazing on Caffee Ranch.     Throughout South Dakota, only 0.03 percent of the state is not currently considered to be in a drough... Read More

Farmer's Daughter Guest Post: Allyse Steffen

3/28/2017 - By: Allyse Steffen, mother, consumer & marketing specialist I learned about farming and agriculture at a young age on my grandparents’ century farm outside of Wagner, South Dakota. We would bottle feed calves, pick eggs, and ride horses. These were some of the best memories I had growin... Read More

New Year, New Technologies, Same Commitment

1/9/2017 - Tractor with GPS. Photo Courtesy of Pete Bakken. At the beginning of every year it seems that most people are focusing on what is new, what changes can be made, and what the future will bring. Farmers are no different. Like most people, farmers are constantly looking to improve. ... Read More

Winter is Coming...

11/28/2016 - More cold weather and snow is looming right around the corner. In our state most people have survived the first snowfall of the year. Although we’ve had one of the warmest falls I can remember, there’s no denying that winter is coming. Some might say it’s already here in full force... Read More

Thankful For Farmers

11/22/2016 - This week is Thanksgiving, and we’ve been thinking about what we’re thankful for.  You can probably guess that this year, we are thankful for farmers!   South Dakota farmers work hard year-round. During blizzards and on holidays while many of us spend the day inside, farmer... Read More