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Local Foods Around the World

8/14/2017 - HyVee defines local as 200 miles or less.  What does the term “local food” mean to you? Here in South Dakota, we have 30,000 farmers producing food locally with thousands more in the surrounding states. On average each of these farmers produces food for 155 people. That means... Read More

Passing on a Fair Tradition

8/4/2017 - August Featured Farmer: Wendy Sweeter   Family traditions run deep in South Dakota, and during the late summer, the best place to see those traditions in action is at one of the many county and regional fairs and 4-H Achievement Days around the state.   Wendy Sweeter of Worthing knows the trad... Read More

Cover Crops a Valuable Resource

8/3/2017 - By Sydney Sleep I visited home last weekend and was lucky enough to get in on planting some cover crops. My dad was planting a mix of turnips, radishes, pearl millet, and winter rye into a field of wheat that was recently cut and baled. We have never planted this mix of cover crops before, so it ... Read More

July 2017 Agvocates

8/2/2017 -   We kicked off the month with the Farms After Five Tour, which included stops at Central Farmers Cooperative, Valley Side Farm, and Klein Family Farm. Several days later we hosted an open house with the Pechous family at their new robotic dairy. The month was wrapped up with three Boys and Girl... Read More

Drought Forces Farmers to Make Tough Decisions

7/24/2017 - By Sydney Sleep  Photos courtesy of Lacey Caffee of Caffee Ranch, located 13 miles west of Wessington Springs.  Grass supply is sparse for grazing on Caffee Ranch.     Throughout South Dakota, only 0.03 percent of the state is not currently considered to be in a drough... Read More

When Life on the Ranch Just Doesn't Go as Planned

7/11/2017 - By Sydney Sleep   I went home to visit my family in the Black Hills over the 4th of July weekend. The evening before my last day home, we received a call that our cattle got out from one of our forest service permits. This happens quite frequently during the summer because our permits are mult... Read More

June 2017 Agvocates

6/30/2017 -     June was full of open houses and tours! The month was kicked off with the 10th Annual Breakfast on the Farm hosted by the Ode family at Royalwood Dairy, followed by the Beef and Dairy Farm Tour, LEAD event at Boadwine Farms, MoDak Dairy Day, and wrapped up with the Know Your Milk Tour at Ste... Read More

Sara Bovill: Supporting Rural Communities and Clean Energy

6/30/2017 - For five generations, the Bovill family has been raising crops and livestock north of Beresford, South Dakota.  Their work has been helping feed and fuel South Dakotans for decades.  Now, the Bovills and other area farmers and landowners have an opportunity to deliver a new energy source to South ... Read More

Experiencing the Dairy World

6/22/2017 - By: Sydney Sleep Growing up on a cattle ranch in western South Dakota where beef is primarily grown under range conditions, the dairy world was always foreign and intriguing to me. I knew next to nothing about dairy farming until last summer when I received an internship with The Hay and Forage ... Read More

Farmer's Daughter Guest Blog: Sydney Sleep

6/6/2017 - Hi, I’m Sydney Sleep and I am a farmer’s daughter and the summer intern for Ag United, Midwest Dairy, and SD Corn. I grew up on a commercial Angus ranch outside of Spearfish, S.D. Growing up, I was very involved in the family ranch and loved to work alongside my dad, grandpa, and two siblings. ... Read More