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March Agvocates

3/31/2018 - We had an amazing month in March celebrating National Ag Week with events at schools, Washington Pavilion and more. Thanks to everyone who volunteered or attended and event, and thank you to the 46,000 farm and ranch families of South Dakota.       Check out a few photos and videos from event... Read More

March Rural Dictionary: Ration

3/13/2018 - March is National Nutrition month, and on the farm we want to make sure both the farmers and the animals are getting proper nutrition to stay healthy. Your household might have a menu or meal plan, but animals have a carefully balanced RATION.  Ration - A farm animal's diet, balanced by a nutrit... Read More

Compassion and care key to being vet, farmer, and soon-to-be parents

3/6/2018 - March Featured Farmer: Cody & Emily Stahl   If you overheard a conversation with Dr. Emily Stahl taking about priorities for her patients, you might think she was a medical doctor instead of a veterinarian.  Boosting immune systems, a carefully-planned diet and focus on clean, healthy enviro... Read More

February Agvocates

2/28/2018 - February is a shorter than average month, but was filled to the brim with Adopt A Farmer visits. Adopt A Farmer volunteers visited 39 classrooms this month, which equals about 900 students! Thank you to all our volunteers that made this possible and shared the story of South Dakota Ag in February. ... Read More

Guest Blog: Adventures and Relationships

2/27/2018 - This week's Farmer's Daughter blog and radio segment are by Larissa Neugebauer, a Farmer's Daughter originally from Dimock, SD!    Adventures and relationships are two words that can mean so many things – especially when it involves family, agriculture, and dairy farming! Growing up on a small... Read More

Rural Dictionary: CAFO

2/7/2018 - We're excited to introduce a new monthly feature - a Rural Dictionary!  Every industry relies on terms and acronyms that are used a lot, but not always explained.  Our goal is to share a term each month that you may have seen online or in news coverage and provide a little more background. Have ... Read More

January 2018 Agvocates

2/1/2018 - We started off 2018 with one of our favorite activities - Adopt A Farmer classroom visits! At these visits students get to meet their Adopted Farmer in person, as well as touch, see, and feel items from the farm. Students enjoy getting to interact with their Adopted Farmers, it’s easy to forget th... Read More

Raising Livestock through Trust and Transparency

1/30/2018 - Featured Farmer Profile – Rodney Elliott, Drumgoon Dairy   There is often a great deal of discussion and news coverage when a South Dakota farm family applies for a permit to build or expand a livestock farm.  What happens after their permit is approved and the animals move in?  Regulations ... Read More

Roger Scheibe Selected as 2017 AgVocate of the Year

1/2/2018 - January Featured Partner Profile   Roger Scheibe (L) accepts the 2017 AgVocate of the Year award from Ag United President, Richard Vasgaard (R).  A collection of more than 50 milk bottles from South Dakota creameries dating back to the 1940s is just one of the ways that Roger ... Read More