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Adopt A Farmer, Greg Moes, January 2016

1/1/2017 - January Video – Feeding the Cows   Discussion: Cows and calves have a very specialized diet to stay healthy. What are foods that you should eat to stay healthy?    Greg told us that many of his feed ingredients are by-products. Do you know what a by-product is? Can you thin... Read More

Heidi Selken, December 2016 Adopt A Farmer

12/5/2016 - Making Manure Useful   December #3     Discussion: Boadwine Farms works hard to protect the environment. They save fuel by not driving the manure to apply it on the fields. They also recycle their water, and reuse animal waste. What are things that you can do to protect the envir... Read More

Greg Moes, December 2016, Adopt A Farmer

12/5/2016 - December Video   Feeding Baby Calves   Discussion: Baby calves live in separate pens when they are young to prevent the spread of germs. What are things you can do to prevent spreading germs to your classmates?   Content Standard & Question: 4.MD.1.1 Solve problems involving... Read More

Dawn Nagel, Adopted Farmer, December

12/5/2016 - Video 3 – December   Discussion: Dawn harvested corn, sunflowers, and soybeans. What are some of the uses for these grains?   Teacher Resource: Uses for corn Uses for Soy Uses for sunflowers game! Core Content Standard & Question 4.L.2.2. Students are able to explain how a ... Read More

Josh Kayser, December 2016 Adopt A Farmer

12/5/2016 - December Video Watch on Youtube   Discussion Question Do you have a garden? When do you normally plant seeds? (April / May)    Content Standard & Question 4.RF.3 Know and apply grade-level phonics and word analysis skills in decoding words. a. Use combined knowledge of a... Read More

Phil Eggers, Adopt A Farmer, December 2016

12/5/2016 - December Video   Content Questions: Phil told us that his cows have a diet that is balance by a nutritionist to stay healthy. Cows need to have the proper amount of protein, energy, vitamins, and mineral to stay healthy. What are foods that you can eat to stay healthy?   Fourth Grade S... Read More

Adopt A Farmer, Ross Varilek, November 2016

11/17/2016 - November #1 (Originally taken in January) Watch the video now! Discussion: Ross told us that his family works together to run the ranch. South Dakota has 33,000 farms and 98% of them are run by families. Why do you think that his family works together on the ranch? Standard:  5.5.3  Lis... Read More

Adopt A Farmer, Heidi Selken, November 2016

11/16/2016 - Video 2 – November   Watch the video on Youtube Discussion Question:Heidi told us about the technology that they use on their farm with the Electronic ID tags. This allows the farmers to keep a closer eye on the cows and take better care of them. What are some ways that technology has ... Read More

Adopt A Farmer, Josh Kayser, November 2016

11/16/2016 - November Video Watch the video on Youtube! Josh, Kara, and Family   Discussion Question  Do you know what a grain elevator is? A regular elevator carries people up and down. What would a grain elevator do? When a truck is filled with grain it will drive to the elevator and dump out ... Read More