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Sioux Falls Business Journal Top 20

1/30/2015 - by Steve Dick, Executive Director for Ag United Agriculture projects add value to SD Corn Farmers   I always enjoy the Wednesday Argus Leader, because the Sioux Falls Business Journal is included with the paper.  A favorite segment of mine in SFBJ is a piece called THE LIST.  It is... Read More

Cottonwood Ridge Dairy Open House

6/24/2014 - South Dakota Farm Families and the Nussbaum family, will be hosting an open house at Cottonwood Ridge Dairy on Saturday, July 12 from 10:00am to 1:00pm.  The free, family-friendly event will provide guests with an opportunity to see first-hand where the dairy products they enjoy get their sta... Read More

Day on the farm at Royalwood Dairy

6/20/2014 - by: Amanda Buus, Ag United Summer Intern 2014 Ever wondered where your food comes from and how it’s produced? On Saturday, June 14th the Ode family invited guests from all around for the 7th annual day on the farm at Royalwood Dairy in Brandon, SD. Over 700 people came out for the event, and ... Read More

Featured Partner Profile: Becky Krause, First PREMIER Bank

5/8/2014 - Left to right: Alissa, Robb, Becky, Kasey Bigelow, Landon and Riley One of the greatest challenges for farmers and ranchers today is managing their businesses amid tremendous volatility in crop and livestock markets and high prices for the inputs they need to run the operation.  Becky Kraus... Read More

Runner Up Ag Week Essay - Kirstie Lake

4/25/2014 - The Surprising Places I Found Agriculture By: Kirstie Gettysburg Elementary               I found out things like paper, plastic, cloth, and many other things are made from crops. A good example is corn. You can make fuel that runs your... Read More

Runner Up Ag Week Essay - Logan Hurlburt

4/24/2014 - The Surprising Places I Found Agriculture By Logan Clark Elementary   We all know where to find agriculture in the common places, but where are some of the surprising places to find agriculture? Would you believe you can find agriculture in your own home? Let’s take a trip to the gara... Read More

Runner Up Ag Week Essay - Matea Gordon

4/23/2014 - The Surprising Places I Found Agriculture By Matea Sturgis Elementary   When I hear the word agriculture, the first thing that comes to mind is farmers. Farmers grow crops and livestock and we get many products from them. Of course, the food we eat is a big thing we get from farmers, but th... Read More

Winning Ag Week Essay - Hamza Ali

4/22/2014 - Agriculture By Hamza Camelot Intermediate School               What is agriculture? Before this, even I didn’t know everything that agriculture was about. Agriculture has to do with farming, raising farm animals, and raising crops... Read More