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Kansas Fire Relief: How You Can Help!

4/6/2017 - Looking for ways to help the ranchers that were effected by the Kansas wildfires? Check out the options below. Thanks to Dawn Nagel for compiling this list!      Ashland Community Foundation P. O. Box 276 Ashland, Kansas  67831 (Note – Wildfire Relief in memo) &nbs... Read More

KELO AM Interview with Jordan Woodbury

11/22/2016 - Did you know Dakota Provisions in Huron processes 1 million pounds of turkey each week? This turkey goes to major retailers around the nation! In honor of Thanksging, learn more about turkey processing in South Dakota. Jordan Woodbury joined Bill Zortman to talk about turkey production in the state.... Read More

What do consumers think of GMOs and labeling?

7/13/2016 - Western South Dakota survey reveals insight By Bridger Gordon, Sturgis, SD   With the recent discussions by the U.S. Senate on a federal bill that would require labeling of foods made with genetically engineered ingredients, the topic of GMO labeling of foods is once again in the media. If ... Read More

Runner Up Essay: Amy, Edgemont

4/24/2015 - By Amy Sources of information: My Dad, who has been a rancher for 20 years   How Farmers Utilize Waste               My g... Read More

Runner Up Essay: Ashton, Gettysburg

4/24/2015 - “How Do Farmers Turn Waste Into Something Useful?”             There are many ways in which farmers turn waste into something useful. One way is to use manure as fertilizer in fields. Many farmers have a lot of cow manure available... Read More

Runner Up Essay: Walter, Sturgis

4/23/2015 - Walter How Farmers Turn Waste Into Something Useful   The farmers that turn waste into something useful are responsible citizens and save our earth. These farmers use animal and plant waste to fertilize their gardens. These farmers reuse farm supplies so they don’t have to buy new ones... Read More

4th Grade Contest Winner: Lane, Centerville

4/21/2015 - Farmers Can Turn Waste Into Something Useful By Lane Farmers can turn waste into something useful even though other people think it’s useless. For example, manure is used by many farmers as something useful. Most farmers that utilize manure in South Dakota use if for fertilizer for crops. Th... Read More

3rd Grade Essay Contest Winner: Abbi from Brandon

4/20/2015 - How Do Farmers Turn Waste Into Something Useful?   By: Abbi                     Waste may be more useful than you realize. Waste is used by farmers for different things that are helpful to society. The... Read More