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Winning Ag Week Essay - Hamza Ali

4/22/2014 - Agriculture By Hamza Camelot Intermediate School               What is agriculture? Before this, even I didn’t know everything that agriculture was about. Agriculture has to do with farming, raising farm animals, and raising crops... Read More

Winning Ag Week Essay - Luke Jones

4/22/2014 - Agriculture and Baseball By: Luke Cheyenne School, Stanley County               When I first got the sheet for what this essay was supposed to be about, I didn’t know what to write about. Then I thought about how baseball was conn... Read More

2nd Annual Essay Contest Winners Announced!

4/22/2014 - Ag Week Essay Winners Announced South Dakota Third and Fourth grade winners receive recognition SIOUX FALLS, S.D.— National Ag Week which took place March 23-29, is a time to recognize and celebrate the abundance provided by agriculture.  In celebration of Ag Week, over 125 third and fo... Read More

Featured Farmer - Jim Petrik

4/15/2014 - Featured Farmer:  Jim Petrik   Jim Petrik and his family are using a combination of new technologies and building relationships to reach out to young people across South Dakota and tell the story about agriculture.  Jim is the third generation to raise crops and livestock on the f... Read More

Oh, What's In A Label??

3/17/2014 - If you look at almost any product in a grocery store you will find the package covered in labels.  Just by looking at the package you can learn calorie content, ingredients, where the item was processed, and much more! What do all the labels on food really mean?  Genetically Modified Organ... Read More

Featured Partner Profile: Scott Early, Hyline North America

3/5/2014 - Scott Early profile 3-5-2014 Like many of the other products on the grocery store shelves, an egg’s packaging can make it difficult to see the true value of what’s inside. In contrast to the colorful boxes and packaging on many products, the simple white or brown shell doesn’t do... Read More

Adopted Farmer Jim Petrik featured on News Center 1

3/4/2014 - Through the Adopt-A-Farmer program, 25 South Dakota classrooms are connected with local farmers. Each month these farmers send a video about what is happening on their farms. This spring, our adopted farmers are taking time out of their busy schedules to visit their 4th grade classrooms. Recently Ji... Read More

Featured Allied Partner - South Dakota Soybean

2/14/2014 - Small Soybean.  Big Impact. Soybean production has become an increasingly important part of South Dakota farmers’ crop rotation and the crops they raise are essential to the state’s livestock producers and economy. Betty Fyler has seen this growing impact and a number of changes... Read More

Local Hog Farmer Fighting Pricey Propane

2/14/2014 - Poultry and Hog farms use propane to keep their animals warm.  This winter the bitter cold has cause a propane shortage.  Because of the shortage, it costs nearly twice as much to keep these animals warm.  In just 2 weeks, a local hog farmer spent over $1500 dollars heating his barns ... Read More

National Ag Week Essay Contest

2/13/2014 - South Dakota Ag in the Classroom and South Dakota Farm Families are partnering together to host an essay contest for third and fourth grade students across South Dakota. The winning student will receive a classroom pizza party hosted by South Dakota Farm Families, a visit from a local agricultural p... Read More