Adopt A Farmer

Fourth grade classrooms across the state have the chance to "adopt" a farmer for the school year. Our farmers then send the classroom monthly video updates about what is going on at the farm that month. The farmer also visits the classroom at least once during the school year. For more information or to register your class to "adopt" a farmer email  

DJ Buseman - May 2022

May 3, 2022
DJ Buseman – May 2022 DJ shows us the technology he uses when planting corn.     Discussion Topic: Did you know it takes about 12 weeks for the corn plant to grow? Check out this short video for more information about corn. Also, when DJ and Danya…

DJ Buseman - April

March 29, 2022
DJ Buseman – April 2022 DJ saddles up his horse and moves some cattle. He also shows us how he tags the newborn calves.   Discussion Topic: In the video, DJ talks about using a bridle and saddle for his horse, Goose, before he gets on to ride. …

DJ Buseman - February 2022

February 1, 2022
DJ Buseman – February2022 DJ and Danya show us how they prepare for lambing by shearing the sheep.  Discussion Topic: South Dakota is the 6th largest producer of lamb and wool in the United States. Why do you think that South Dakota is a good place…

DJ Buseman - December

November 30, 2021
DJ Buseman – December 2021 DJ and Danya move a group of cows between fields so the cows have plenty to eat. Last month, did you discuss why the cows get excited when the see the feed truck? This an example of a Conditioned Response. The cows…

DJ and Danya Buseman

November 1, 2021
DJ and Danya Buseman – November 21 Introduction The Buseman’s show us how they feed the cattle on their farm. Additional Resources: DJ talked about Earlage, which is how they harvest and store the corn to feed the cattle. When the corn is…