DJ Buseman - December 2022

Posted: 12/13/2022

DJ Buseman – December 2022

DJ shows us what the cattle eat and how they mix up the feed.


Math problem: DJ talks about the diet or recipe they use for each group of cattle. The ingredient list below is what one heifer needs to eat each day.  Using the ingredient list, can you determine how much of each ingredient DJ needs to add to the mixer wagon in order to feed 78 heifers?


            Mineral/vitamins = 0.25 Pounds

            Earlage = 23 pounds

            Protein pellets = 1.75 pounds

            Alfalfa hay = 11 pounds

            Sorghum/sudan grass hay = 9 pounds


            Total for one 1,000-pound heifer to eat each day is 45 pounds of feed.



Additional Resources: DJ talked about Earlage, which is how they harvest and store the corn to feed the cattle. When the corn is harvested, packed to get the air out, and covered in plastic (like a Ziploc bag) this process allows the corn to become fermented. This is kind of like turning a cucumber in to a pickle! Here’s a great link about the science of pickles.


Also find more information here about Earlage compared to corn silage