DJ Buseman - April

Posted: 3/29/2022

DJ Buseman – April 2022

DJ saddles up his horse and moves some cattle. He also shows us how he tags the newborn calves.  

Discussion Topic: In the video, DJ talks about using a bridle and saddle for his horse, Goose, before he gets on to ride.  Using context clues and what you saw in the video, write about what you think a bridle is used for and why it’s important for the person riding in the horse.  Using what you saw in the video, do you think the bridle or saddle hurts the horse? Why or why not?

Discussion Topic: DJ talks bringing the cows and their calves up into the yard because the shelter belt of trees he showed didn’t have much wind protection.  DJ also showed a calf shelter that is only big enough for calves to get into, not the grown cows.  Brainstorm with a neighbor some ways farmers and ranchers might protect the cows that are too big to fit into the small calf shelters.  Why do you think there are shelters for the calves that the cows can’t fit into?