Adopt A Farmer

Fourth grade classrooms across the state have the chance to "adopt" a farmer for the school year. Our farmers then send the classroom monthly video updates about what is going on at the farm that month. The farmer also visits the classroom at least once during the school year. For more information or to register your class to "adopt" a farmer email  

Adam Krause - May 2022

May 3, 2022
Adam Krause – May 2022 Adam talks about their new corn dryer.   Discussion Topic: Why is it necessary to dry the harvested corn and soybeans before storage?  It is necessary to dry the harvested grains because the grains contain moisture. The…

Adam Krause - March 2022

February 27, 2022
Adam Krause – March 2022 Adam answers some questions from the students and shows us how he cleans the barn in between groups of pigs.   Discussion Topic: Why does Adam need to clean the room in the barn in between groups of pigs? Check out this…

Adam Krause - February 2022

February 6, 2022
Adam Krause – February2022 Adam talks about legislators and advocacy for agriculture. He also helps load pigs to go to market.   Discussion Topic: Adam talks about going to Pierre and talking with legislators. Who are the legislators and what are…

Adam Krause - January

January 3, 2022
Adam Krause – January 2022 Today Adam is loading oats into the semi and taking them to his brother's seed cleaning business.   Discussion Topic: Adam shows us how farmers use technology, by showing us the yield maps on his iPad. How many years do…

Adam Krause - December

December 2, 2021
Adam Krause – December 2021 New pigs arrive at Adam’s nursery barn. Adam also has some visitors on the farm and he talks about other jobs within pig farming. Math Problem: At 21 days of age, each pig needs 3 square feet of space, can you determine…

Adam Krause

October 28, 2021
Adam Krause – November 2021 Adam talks about farming with his family and raising pigs. He also takes us for a ride in the tractor and grain cart during corn harvest. Discussion Topic: Name products in your school or home that have corn in it? …