DJ Buseman - February 2022

Posted: 2/1/2022

DJ Buseman – February2022

DJ and Danya show us how they prepare for lambing by shearing the sheep. 

Discussion Topic: South Dakota is the 6th largest producer of lamb and wool in the United States. Why do you think that South Dakota is a good place for farmers and ranchers to raise sheep?

            If you need ideas, read more about what sheep eat here 

Math Problem: I asked DJ how much wool the sheep produced, he said they have 150 ewes, and they produced 1,500 ponds of wool. To learn more about how many sweaters come from one sheep, check out the link below and answer/discuss the “big kids” questions at the end.

            How many sheep are you wearing? 

Farm Vocabulary: Danya said they were moving the sheep to get them ready to be shorn. Have a discussion about the different tenses of the word ‘shear’. Have further discussion on the plurals of animals, one cow or three cows; one sheep or three sheep. You can also discuss what different groups of animals are called. DJ and Danya have a herd of cattle, what do you call a group of sheep?